Swayamsiddha - Myth, Mind and Movement


Concept note:

Pulsating, exhilarating, stimulating life, a palpable energy that transcends barriers and rides the crest of life. Cradled within the womb, the crescendo of life, that begets life. Cosmic energy, powerful and dynamic, travelling through the universal realm, energising the seed of procreation, rendering constant creation and the final conception. Time as a constant unites with the fluid nuances of energy, serving as a pivot and harnessing the energy, thereby constructing a cosmic whole.

A two projection video installation film, with the constant quest to find out the interrelation of time and energy, their being one in dimension but separate in projection.

Both surviving within the cosmic whole, engulfing the whole creation.
The abstract yet tangible subject of time, energy and creation is what I have tried to paint in this video installation.
I have used all the material which is available to me as an artist, a painter,. the space became my canvas and I did the washes on my floor as I would do to my canvas. Bubble paper, corrugated sheets everything played an integral part of my expression.

Duration:  7 minutes
Concept, Script & Direction: Seema Kohli
Photography: Avdesh Singh, Narendra Rai and Svabhu Kohli
Still Photography: Anshika Varma
Music: Vidya Rao
Performance: Seema Kohli and Himani
Editing: Amzad