Saptamatrikas who they say struck terror, venerated thus for their dangerous fecundity, their terrible wrath.

Yet, were they not simply fulfilling their destinies? Being protective? Nurturing?

In their zeal, they came to be represented for their darker powers, venerated in temples as goddesses to be appeased, associated with gods either as their spouses, or as their forms of energy, female principles that have been ritualized, iconized, cherished, feared…

And so I undertake a journey.

A Parikrama… is it of self-realization?

I empty myself to maya.
Maya captivating me
Surprising me by my own responses to her different
Forms and manifestations
The more I understand her more I want to realize her…
Maya…the illusion, and the creator of the illusion…
I look within the womb to discover, that which is outside….

I become the womb.
Armed with solace and caring, I am the earth.
Ancient, primeval, modern and all encompassing
So the world-all nature-tells me.
So it should tell you.


19 minutes 19 seconds, 2012
16:9 Aspect Ratio

Concept, script, direction, art - Seema Kohli
Camera - Marlene Popovic
Editing - Seema Kohli and Marlene Popovi
Music- Sahil Vasudeva

Vocals - Bindhu Malini and Vedanth
Animation - Gaurav Singh Bedi
Technical support - B.Sakthi Doss