Unending Dance of Light


Unending dance of light...

“We see death as a full stop. But it is not. The energy does not stop flowing at that point. It recoups, re-forms, and moves on. Death is not the end, it is energy changing direction, coursing on again in a different form and space.”

The video performance, a seven-part meditation on death, birth and the journey of the soul, was filmed on the banks of the Ganges in Varanasi, the sacred City of Light. The artist experiences Varanasi as a “vortex” of energy, a place where the “dance of rejuvenation” happens in quick time and “quite nakedly.” As in previous video works the artist enters into an almost trance like state, giving herself over to a spontaneous interaction with the environment and the energies she perceives there.

Performance, Concept - Seema Kohli
Cinematography - Marlène Ila Popovic, Sakthi Bhagat
Edit - Marlene Ila Popovic
Sound - Sahil Sahil Vasudeva
Duration - 45min